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Get ready to Mambo! Men Cuban Heels have been part of the old school crowd but never to be forgotten we have designed a new collection with a modern twist for the new commers and maintained the classics for those with a more simple style. Enjoy these 6 inch Cuban heels with slip on closure, for easy wear. Black Suede leather Upper Cuban heel, chelsea boot.

CUSTOM-MADE Cuban Heel Boots 2020 Pre-Order

SKU: cub-beat-low-bk-sde
  • What Are Cuban Heels?

    Cuban heel shoes and boots are a symbol of the rock and roll movement. In the 1960's and 70's they were brought to the public attention by the world famous band, The Beatles. They're populary used for dancing and why not? Cuban heels can also be worn by those looking for a little boost in stature.  

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