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We design, supply, make CRAZY shoes and BEYOND! 

KRAZY SHOE ARTISTS is a fresh Radical Brand spurt from a network of Designers, Artists to Shoe Makers whom are often the unsung talents-value behind the scenes to brands, custom projects, retailers, private labels, and BEYOND. 

Like a music producer behind the scenes making a song, KRAZY SHOE ARTISTS offers that behind the scenes creative value making music process to SHOES and BEYOND. 

Original Co-founders experience dates back to Year 2001 as Shoe Artists, wholesalers, importers to exporters.  Operating behind the scenes designing, supplying, and making footwear for brands, retailers, private labels, government entities and more. 

In Year 2016,  KRAZY SHOE ARTISTS the BRAND was launched.

Wholesale account inquiries, please contact us. 


 Retail Apocalypse of 2016 

  Spurts Crazy Shoe Radicals KRAZY SHOE ARTISTS.  


Krazy Shoe Artists is the Genesis of a Fresh Brand spurt from a network of Designers and Suppliers impacted by the "Retail Apocalypse".  Simply put, many retailers went out of business, stopped paying their bills to Designers, Suppliers and others. From shopping malls, luxury avenues, to main street brick-and-mortars with store closings at record paces. 

Hence, Krazy Shoe Artists Design and Supply Network was born to offer tailored value added alternatives to deliver customized design demands and supply of eclectic products in uniquely CRAZY new ways. 

The Big BANG Spurt of KRAZY SHOE ARTISTS Brand in 2016 is simply to connect you with better ALTERNATIVES to excessively high prices set by many retailers, brands, designers, etc., at the expense of consumers. These artificially high prices set by many retailers, brands, etc., from its true value has caused a disconnect from its consumers and marketplaces.  

Prior to the spurt of Krazy Shoe Artists in 2016, our founding design and supply chain network operated behind the scenes to brands, private labels, retailers, government entities, and others. 

Dating back to year 2001, original founders of Krazy Shoe Artists was part of unique design and supply network behind the scenes Value to brands, private labels, retailers and beyond.  

A history of meeting the demands of a variety of lifestyle wear from work-boots, boxing boots, combat boots, cutting edge to timeless classics of shoes and BEYOND.

We offer a wealth of experience in International Trade,  design, supply of shoes and beyond. 

We design and supply top quality rated jungle boots, combat boots, cuban heel shoes-boots, workboots and more. 

Design Lab Warehouse

Supply Chain Network (SCN) 


721 NW 72nd Street

Miami, FL 33150 

Tel: (305)741-2606


7200 NW 7th Avenue, #4

Miami, FL 33150 

Prior Locations. Born in

Miami's Wynwood Art & Design District:

580 NW 26th street

Miami, FL 33126

584 NW 26th street

Miami, FL 33126

299 NW 26th street

Miami, FL 33126 


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