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Kris Nicholson

Krazy Kris Nicholson Shoe Artists Piano Extraordinaire

"Crazy" Talented Krazy Kris Nicholson Rocks Krazy Shoe Artists and Beyond. From Ragtime, Boogie-Woogie, Honky-Tonk to Crazy awesome music tunes that'll make you want to ROCK! Like a music producer behind the scenes making a song, KRAZY SHOE ARTISTS & BEYOND offers that behind the scenes creative value making music process to SHOES, MUSIC and BEYOND. Rock a Boot, cuban heel beatle boot look shoes to cutting edge styles by KRAZY SHOE ARTISTS! Custom Design, Supply, Make Shoes and BEYOND!


British singer and songwriter Seal has sold millions of records all over the world. "Crazy", released in 1991 was his first great hit in the Krazy music industry. 

Gorgeous women strutting down the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and Seal's voice stealing the show with his top hit, "Crazy". 

World renowned singer Seal with his timeless hit, "Crazy" at the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize concert. Because "sometimes you gotta live a little Krazy!"

Can you catch up with the sexiness of Krazy Shoe Artists? We are out there, everywhere showing up in the best of the best. Check us out for your first choice on the best looks for all occasions; handsome but rugged casual look, clean-cut semi-formal look, stay sharp in formal attire in our dress shoes and more.

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